Small and Medium Concrete Pump

Small and medium concrete pump, using advanced technology of concrete pump in the world, it is the first advanced floor heating construction equipment in domestic and suitable for construction of large area, high efficiency in pea gravel concrete packing layer or mortar packing layer of floor heating engineering. Adopting international famous brand spare parts, reasonable design and high stability, greatly improving working efficiency and reducing labor intensity. This product sell to major cities nationwide and get good market response, win the high praise of our customers. Selling first in domestic for three consecutive years.

HBT/DHBT series Concrete Pump
HBT/DHBT series Concrete Pump

  • Features
  • Technical data

1. Distribution valve adopts the advanced S pipe value system,with good sealing performance,simple and reliable structure,and easy replacement of wearing parts;
2. S pipe is equipped with floated wearing ring, compensating attrition automaticly, good tightness.
3. The counterforce on specially designed “S” valve is received by hopper wall to assure the service life of goggle plate and cutting ring.
4. Outlet pressure is high, which satisfy the high building construction and long distance transmission requirements.
5. Hydraulic system adopts U return circuit, reversing is fast and efficient.
6. Hydraulic oil cooling adopts advanced air cooling system, it do not need connect water source and easy to use.
7. Reverse pumping function can facilitate cleaning the conveying pipe.
8. Automatic lubricant filling device can eliminate the trouble of manual filling and extend the service life of the parts with less abrasion in the lubricants.
9. Most electrical appliance components of electrical system are imported, and PLC for control system,with reliable working,strong adaptability,and wired remote control;
10.Electric case is equipped with wired remote control handle.

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