XBS/DXBS Fine Stone Concrete Pump

XBS/DXBS series products are a kind of mortar conveying equipments specially developed according to the characteristics of floor heating projects. They are extensively applied in the large-area and highly efficient construction of fine stone concrete or mortar stuffing in floor heating project. 

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XBS/DXBS series products are also widely used for the conveying of fine stone concrete, fire-resistant and heat-insulating materials in various construction projects; the delivery of afforesting soil in eco-environmental construction; the pressure grouting of various basic piles.

The inner diameter of conveying pipe has developed into φ100 based n formerφ80 so that XBS/DXBS series products can convey concrete with diameter no more than 30mm, which makes XBS DXBS series products have broader applications such as the conveying of mortar, small stones and large aggregate concrete.

HBT/DHBT series Concrete Pump
HBT/DHBT series Concrete Pump

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