Cement Mortar Foam Machine

The foam concrete dedicated machine (cement foam machine) model is divided into, with the production of high efficiency, easy to operate, such as the merits of the aircraft by the automatic mixing, automatic foam, highvoltage transmission is composed of three parts, mainly the production of lightweight foam concrete, with an annual output of up to 1, 600, 000 square meters.

  • Features
  • Technical data

1. Thermal insulation
Productivity is 0.085-0.23w/m.k with moisture retention 20-30 time more than common cement products, superior moisture and heat insulation performance.

2. Light
Density between 350 and 600kg/m3 is about1/5-1/8 general cement, construction weight can be reduced.

3. Sound
Internal dense pore with sound absorption of 0.09-0.9%, which is 5 times more than common cement products. Sound is insulation in apartment can be well solved.

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