The microcomputer control system of concrete batching plant

The most critical electrical equipment for concrete batching plant is a microcomputer control system, and its status is good or bad relationship to the yield and quality of the commodity concrete. Domestic commercial concrete mixing plant is basically using a microcomputer control system.

There are basically types:

1. The early weighing instruments SBC system.
2. SBC (with display meter) host computer system.
3. Weighing instruments PLC host computer system.
4. IPC system.
5. Small industrial bus systems.
6. With weighing module (with display meter) the PLC host computer system.

Complex due to the composition of the microcomputer control system, the fault location is also relatively difficult, In order to minimize the loss of production, it is necessary to achieve the rapid detection and location of concrete microcomputer control system failure.

Concrete batching plant microcomputer control system fault detection idea is:

It is familiar with computer control system works as well as a variety of mechanical action of electrical logical relationship,for testing in accordance with the correct electrical fault detection process,the use of the effective means of detection,combined with the logical analysis and judgment,continued to narrow the scope of failure,and ultimately to identify the point of failure.

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